giving it up and another dance

hey guys drew here and ive decided to give it up on SOME blogs its just hard to post on………….9 blogs so anyway i will be staying on these blogs.

aytans blog, cloes blog and abbys blog and if its REALLY important my blog soo yeah and another thing

this saturday will be another dance (if yall remember the easter dance last year hosted by:drew2458 with turf host arshak13)

sooo yeah comment if you would like to help with it or even be turf host just comment and show me or tell me what ur unit name will be and ill be right there too it here the times and date:

date: Saturday, September 22nd 2012 (thinks its a smart idea to do it on weekend

times: eastern 7 pm-8 or 8-30 

central:6 pm- 7 or 7:30

mountain: 5 pm- 6 or 6:30

pacific: 4 pm- 5 or 5:30 pm

so there they are and note: i will annouche the winning unit (via woozworld page and wordpress) on friday so yeah and it has to be pretty big too anyway thats all from here peace from drew


Last Night’s Game Falcons Vs Bronco’s


Moneyc123 Here: Did U Watch Last Nights Game When The Falcons Wooo Beat Denver 27-21 Peyton Manning threw interceptions on Denverns  first three possessions  And 3 Turnovers In 1st Queater 1st Ten Minutes And The Game Falcons Have Good Defense Willis Mcghee Fumble The Ball

And Michael Turner Falcon’s Running Back Got Arrested after the game  was over  for dui drinking under influence and speeding he got a bond 2,179 Thts  All Here Moneyc Out

-Moneyc123- Peace Out~



Too: Aytan,Cloe And,Drew



Moneyc Here Aytan Ty For The Pics And Cloe Can U Tell Me The Secret And So Do Yall Wanna Kick Ppl Of The Blog O Wait Until They Come Back Bcuz We R Not Getting Any Followers Plz Reply Back  And Srry For Short Post 

Moneyc Out 


NCAA Football 13 alert

Hey guys drew here and I have a road to glory on the recent NCAA football I’m. A QB at Oregon (cause they have awesome jerseys and that they have a awesome offense) anyway its pretty cool my overall is a 93 as a freshman starter I played my first game against Portland State (easiest team ever) anyways we won 62-3 I had 407 passing yards 106 rushing yards 6 total TD’s (4 passing 2 running) anyway I would have tooken a pic of it but I forgot anyway it’s awesome I would recommend u get ncaa football 13…….

Btw winners of the aas fantasy league are money and Conner congrats week 2 is tommorow

Here About Sportstophia


Moneyc here as Yuh all no sportstophia is  Image

Soo WIlll U Like It Will It Be Better Than Aas,Wooz,Meez,OurWorld,movisstarplanet Nobodyy Knowss Yet Just Sayinn Bcuz I Wish U Will Have Animat Like Meez  Clothes Like Aas  Places Like Wooz  Well Just Sayinn Cuz I Wish It’l Come  out allready boring i quit wooz thts get boring but ik iy yakes time for thingd to come out

Moneyc123 Out Peace


Too Aytan:


Moneyc123 Here Aytan Thx For The Pic Srry To Bother Can U Make Me ABout Too More Ty

– Your Friends/ Brother Moneyc123

-Moneyc123- Peace Out~



Too: Aytan,Chloe, And Drew



Moneyc123 Here Too Aytan,Chloe,And Drew We Need New Reporters They R Not Talking About Nothing Not Posting Comment If U Agree